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As a contract printing specialist for over 10 years, ADS® has printed over hundred items since we opened our doors in 1997.

Our well-trained staff ensures that every order meets your quality and delivery specifications. Even with that experience there is always something to learn and the creative juices just keep flowing.



ADS® has printed from as little as 3mm diameter straw for one customer up to 1 million toothbrushes handles per week for another customer.


We are equipped for high speed, high-volume hot stamping and Heat transfer, pad printing, screen printing and processes, as well as special application lower volume requirements.


Our ability to print up to 10.000 pcs output per day is what separates us from all the rest.

Each application is researched to best fit the customers needs. Even if it means sending the job to another company with a different way of marking, i.e offset or sheet fed printing. Just send us your part, whether it be silicone, glass, metal or any type of plastics, and we'll offer you our 10 years of business experience. We may not have seen it all but we've certainly seen almost all!


Many companies are not quite sure if they are ready for full blown printing departments for projects that require printing a few times a year. Although machine companies often say how inexpensive it is to print in-house, keeping capital equipment or trained personnel for a seldom needed services is not always financially prudent.


These days, it's about smaller runs and just in time deliveries. Inventory is money that is tied up. It's about getting the product in and right back out! Delivery time and print quality are our top priorities.



Our Promise

Customer service is our guiding principle. While many make this claim, we back it up with the experience, expertise, facilities, and capacity needed to follow through. We enjoy an excellent reputation in our industry and we work hard every day to earn our customer's satisfaction.


How We Work

All projects begin with a preproduction estimate which evaluates factors like:

  • Most economical and correct printing process
  • Output
  • Multiple color requirements
  • Ink adhesion requirements
  • Special requirements for specific markets and applications

Our production and quality control staff will also consider delivery requirements and ensure that the production schedule matches your needs.

Our warehousing and shipping departments work as a team to get your product to market on time and on budget.

ADS's precision printing equipment has been optimized for quality and speed. We also offer flame, corona, and other pre-treating systems to insure quality results.


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