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Automation Cap Closer
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Automation Cap Closer

Price per Unit (piece):




Main Technical Parameters:


1.5 kw + 0.5kw

Compress air

0.5m3/hour - 8 kg pressure

Productivity speed

6500-1000caps / hour (according to the cap size)


1600mm x 900mm x 1100mm




Applicable Scope:

It is an ideal cap closing machine applicable for cap factories, packaging factories,

food products factories and daily chemical factories. It is mainly for caps of the following types:

flip-top caps, oil bottle caps, vinegar bottle caps, cosmetic caps, etc. The cap closing machine is

a kind of automation equipment developed for attached flip-top caps which are not closed

after going through injection molding. The attached flip-top caps must be closed prior to

being used by manufacturers. Manual cap closing features low speed, low efficiency and unsatisfactory

closing effect; as a result, the costs of manufactures increase. Therefore, our company has

independently developed the cap closing machine to fill the vacancy in this field in the market.

Production process:

the flip-top caps are arranged by the vibrating disc and then enter the conveyor line along a

certain direction; then, they are conveyed to the main unit for closing; lastly, the finished caps are

counted and discharged.

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