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Automation Cap Liner with Cutting
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Automation Cap Liner with Cutting

Price per Unit (piece):


4. Technical Parameters:

Cap Specification




Dimension L×W×H




380 V

4 KW


600 (KGS)


Cap Linner with Cutting


1. Applicable Scope:

This machine is widely used in the industry of Bottle Cap, Liner,

Medicine, Foodstuff, Household Chmeicals, Package, etc.

It is an ideal inserting machine.


2.  Features:
Cap Lining Machine is for inserting the liner/ wad into the plastic caps.

punching and inserting the liner at the same time

Production Flow Chart: arrange cap?delivering cap?liner cutting and inserting?delivering cap

1) This machine replaces the handwork. It automatically inserts the liner into the bottle cap,

and can raise work efficiency greatly.

2) Reasonable Liner Sealing, Fast speed, High efficiency, Safe and Sanitary product.

3) This machine is specially suitable for the occasion which has strict and severe sanitary requirements.

It can avoid secondary pollution on the materials, and thus it can omit the sterilizing technics.

4) Arrange Cap System attaches the function of cap elimination, in order to make sure every

finished bottle cap upward.

5) It has automatic counter inside, and can raise the working efficiency afterwards.

6) The materials of liner is roll , and the cutting and inserting are in process at one time,

which can raise the working efficiency.

7) It adopts mechanical drive deliver position machanism to make the machine work smoothly.

It is suitable for various kinds of bottle caps and aluminum foil or PE foam.

8) It adopts PLC controller, and has the alarm while out of liner and bottle cap.

The electric control system adopts frequency conversion techniques.

It has the advantages of free setting, wide pplication, easy operation, stable working,

convenient cleaning and maintenance, durable in use, etc.

9) Our fully automatic packing machine is in strict accordance with National GMP Standard

and process requirements.


3. Structure of equipment:

1) Automatic arrange cap machanism: it puts the messy bottle caps in order, and makes all caps upwards.

2) Bottle cap delivering machanism: it delivers the ready bottle cap into the liner inserting machanism

in order and correct way.

3) Liner cutting machanism: it puts the roll stock liner into cutting.

4) Liner inserting machanism: it inserts the liner to the cap to finish liner inserting procedure.

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