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Automation Cap Labeling
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Automation Cap Labeling

Price per Unit (piece):






Max. productive capacity (PCS/MIN)

Total Voltage

Total Power

Dimension L×W×H


Maximum Air Consumption

50 / 60 HZ


220 V

310 KW


240 KGS



1. Scope of Application:

This machine is suitable for sticking flim on the caps of 5 Gallon Cap and other caps.

2. Features & Functions:

1) Procedures: Capping by hand, Fliming and Feeding, Cutting Flim and Heat Sealing,

Automatic Cap outputing

2) The machine adopts the advanced and durable Stamping Die Plain Cutter from Janpa;

3) The machine adopts PLC Controlling System and Sprue Puller Tracing by Electric Eye,

in order to guarantee accurate positioning, stable features, simple and easy operation;

And operator can manage the machine very well without training.

4) The machine has compact configuration, reasonable design, and has unique design on cutting

and heating parts. The operator can change the cutter very easily, and it achieves human operations.

5) The shield of machine is made of Stainless Steel and Aluminum Alloy, and it meets the santiary standard of GMP workshop.


6) Advantages of Anti-fake Heat Sealing Film:

a) One-off opening has the function of anti-fake, and it cannot be recovered once open;

b) It adopts fully automatic heating and sealing crafts without glue and hand touch, so it can avoid the pollution of cap;

c) The Sealling Protection System can ensure the dustproof and germproof.

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