FP-200-031101FR-ZB1 Fully Automatic Folding Machine

FR-DS-30A Plastic Gasket
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FR-DS-30A Plastic Gasket

Price per Unit (piece):





Min. Cap Diameter

Min. Cap Diameter

Min. Cap Height

Max. Cap Height




Machine Weight

Compressed air consumption(approximate)    Up to

25 mm

60 mm

15 mm

25 mm

12000 — 25000 pcs


1300×700×1500 MM




Plastic bottle cover dropping plastic machine ( molding machine for plastic gasket)



The dropping plastic machine is mainly used for processing of sealing gasket for plastic bottle caps.This procedure leads sealing structure to requiring a standard, and to make plastic caps sealed also won't leak.Its technological process is that, through liquefying at high temperature, the raw material of domestic and imported TPE plastics is molded into the internal gasket of plastic cover, such processing possesses the action of air pressure-proof, retaining freshness and preserving taste and is suitable for the bottle cover processing of aerated water, tea beverage, fruit juice beverage etc, series products.


With reasonable design, the machine has the functions of putting cover in proper order, delivering cover, forming, temperature controlling, frequency-changing and speed-regulating etc. With automatic processing it can save a great deal of labor and time, heighten greatly production efficiency and is an essential equipment to realize production in batch for plastic bottle cover manufacture. It conforms to the standard of food hygiene and possesses the same performance.

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