Automation Cap LiningFP-100,-Auto-HS-for-Mascara

Cap Linning with Glue
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Cap Linning with Glue

Price per Unit (piece):



Main Technical Parameters?

Alumunium Spec




Dimension L×W×H


20-50 mm

60-80 pcs / min

220 V

3.2 KW


400 (KGS)


1. Application:

The cap lining machine can automatically inserts the cap liner into the bottle cap(the liner in pieces),This machine is widely used in the industry :

1 Pharmaceutical industry

2 Cosmetics industry

3 Food industry

4 Liquor industry

5 Lube industry

2. Applicable liner material:

paper or pulp board liner,  aluminum foil liner, and foam liner;The cap liner is cut in pieces inadvance?Precut liner?

3. Structure of equipment:
1) Automatic sorting cap machanism: it puts the messy bottle cap in order, and makes all cap upwards.
2) Bottle cap delivering machanism:it delivers the ready bottle cap into the liner inserting machanism in order and correct way.
3) Liner inserting machanism: it inserts the liner to the cap to finish liner inserting procedure.
4) Gluing machanism: it finishes the gluing before liner inserting (Optional).



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