What is Hot Stamping ?


Hot stamping is a dry printing process in which a color pigment or metallic material is transferred from a continuous film sheet to the object being decorated. The  application of  controlled by heat and pressure, release  the  color  from the carrier film using an image dry or roller and bonds it permanently to the chosen object. The process is clean, dry and fast, and free from problems commonly associated  with wet ink printing processes.

You have encountered hot stamping in such everyday items as greeting cards and book covers, TV cabinets and cosmetic containers, appliances and toys, recycling containers and ball point pens. From simple gold “leaf” to four color process reproductions of photographs, hot stamping is a cost efficient decorating technique that is easy to set up, clean to operate , and capable of producing products that will last for years while creating a profit center for your business that you may well have overlooked.