About Astrans Hotstamping Indonesia

About Astrans Hotstamping Indonesia


ASTRAN’S is your professional source of Hot Stamp and Heat Transfer in decorating needs.


ASTRANS is your source for professional advice on how to address your hot stamp decorating needs. We have been importing machinery since 1997 starting as a agent of metal marking equipment and moving into plastic decorating at the advent of hot stamp technology. We have been involved with every new hot stamping development since the 2000′s.

We offer you the resources to answer all of your decorating questions, be it concerning machinery, fixtures and dies, hot stamp foils, or multicolored heat heat transfers.


Our variety of vertical, roll-on and peripheral presses can assist you in all of your hot stamp and heat transfer needs. From applications involving simple single color high lighting of molding in graphics, to full surface coverage with wood grains or diffraction metallics foils, from simple gold or silver letter personalization of award ribbon or pens to multi colour process artwork in heat transfer to decorate toys, plastic houseware, stationery, electronic casing and cosmetic packaging, ASTRANS can build you a productive machine to meet your every need.


ASTRANS pioneered the peripheral hot stamp decorating of a wide variety of irregular frame product eg: triangle, square, rectangular, elliptic, heart shape etc, developing equipment that is now used to decorate shampoo caps, toys components, cosmetic packaging, eye glass casing, using metallics and pigmented foils as well as preprinted heat transfer. We can also offer such features as integration of bowl feed systems, automatic part loading, online quality inspection, automated unloding with integrated counting and boxing, all aimed at making your business more productive.


Our aims is to turn your hotstamping center into a profit center for your business. If you would like immediate help, call us during business hour at :

Jakarta office :021-30225128 / 129(telp); 021-45841194(fax)

Surabaya office :031-8496750 (telp); 031 8436916(fax)

talk to our sales and tecnical personnel.


Do not wait! Contact us today and learn how quickly you can become a member of growing ASTRANS family of hot stamping customers in ASTRANS World of Hot Stamping.