Do you know Heat transfer and hotstamping with Decoration for 3D part


Do you know Heat transfer and Hot stamping with Decoration for 3D part

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Durable Color Decoration for 3D Parts

Heat-transfer & Hot Print process that got its start in the 1997s for use in textiles, has advanced in recent years to provide wear-resistant, full-color surface decoration of flat objects like mouse pads and tiles. Even more recently, it has proved applicable to three-dimensional products.

Developed by Astrans Hotstamping Indonesia technology allows for transfer of a full spectrum of colors, shades, and designs to a variety of surfaces, including plastics, metals and glass. The company holds the process patents for the 3D decorating technology, which it uses for custom decorating and also licenses to others.

Applicable to any shape or size of part, the process requires no special tooling. It causes dyes to penetrate the surface of the polymer so that the impregnated images are highly resistant to wear. Astrans can supply clear coatings for further protection. The dyes and coatings have shown superb durability and uv resistance in commercial plastics products such as archery bows, gun stocks, all-terrain vehicle (ATV) components, bottle chillers, cooling canisters, snowboards, flashlights, and sunglasses clips.

The process is poised for wider application with Heat Transfer & Hot print Engineering Polymers. PP, PE, HDPE acetal, and nylon resins are among those that are suited to the process. Such engineering resins provide new opportunities for the process in consumer electronics, power tools, appliances, sporting goods, and automotive components